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Horizontal 3D Measuring Instruments with Arm (Layout Machine, Vectoron)
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Horizontal Type 3D Measuring Instruments with Arm (Layout Machine, Vectoron) Vectoron
Vectoron is comprised of a main shaft and three arms that can be bent and rotated freely. The rotating function implemented at each junction and arm shaft is designed in the measurement linkage system with seven degrees of freedom including rotation of the probe. It is also an articulated 3D measuring device enabled for indication of the location of its non-directional probe tip mounted on the top detection arm in terms of orthogonal coordinates wherever it may be.
Moreover, you can mount a non-contacting laser sensor on its tip to enable shape measurement on this system.
List of products
VSC2000/VSC3000 Series
A large-sized compound model with an orthogonal axis
VMC5200/VMC5300 Series
A compact standard model
VMC5500 Series
A long but compact, high-accuracy model
Attachments for the 5200/5300/2000/3000 Series
· Extension probe
· Extension bar
· Touch probe
Attachments for the 5500 Series
· Extension probe
· Extension bar
Major common options
· Stylus
· Laser sensor
· Arm mounting deck
· Arm storage case
·  Calibration tool
Basic software
Libella5 LibellaJack
(Applicable to a laser sensor)
*A compound system can be configured using an orthogonal axis and Vectoron, which operates on the frame just like the layout machine would. This arrangement enables continuous measurement of a large-sized workpiece. Additionally, a combined use of models of two types is possible, operating the stationary-type model on level blocks in conjunction with a mobile type model carried on a truck.
Frame for Layout Machines Sub-frame
Driving systems
*Layout machine: A device for enabling Vectoron to travel on a level block.
Frame grove driving system Rail driving system (mobile and stationary types)
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