Design model reverse solution

Design model reverse solution


Convert hand-finished design models to CAD data with high quality, high accuracy, and short time.


By performing reverse engineering using design model scan data of high-accurate measuring instruments, CAD data that is faithful to the designer's intention can be created.
Since CAD data can be created manually or automatically, it is possible to create high-quality curved surfaces that can be used for various applications such as design, analysis, CG, and 3D printing.
Since free curved surfaces with high difficulty can be created, it has been introduced in a wide range of fields.
Application examples: automobiles, motorcycles, home appliances, toys, sports equipment, cosmetic cases, musical instruments, etc.

Proposal Contents

For large and medium models : VMC7000M series + spScan

For medium and small size : ZEISS COMET + spScan

Scanning using VMC7000M series or ZEISS COMET depending on model size and accuracy.
Create high-quality and high-precision CAD data from the scan data using the reverse engineering software spScan.
The created reverse CAD data can be imported into your CAD / CAM / CAE and used in a wide range of applications such as design, analysis, mold, CG, and 3D printing.


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