High precision mold copy solution

High precision mold copy solution


Create mold copies with high accuracy and in a short period of time.


By performing reverse engineering using the mold scan data of the high-precision measuring machine, CAD data for copying mold can be created. This makes it possible to significantly reduce the cost of making copy molds.

Proposal Contents

-For large and medium models
     VMC7000M series + spScan
-For medium and small size
     ZEISS COMET + spScan

Depending on the mold size and accuracy, the master mold can be scanned using the VMC7000M series or ZEISS COMET.

Create high-quality and high-precision CAD data from the mold scan data using the reverse engineering software spScan.

Import the created reverse CAD data into your CAD / CAM and create machining data.

System Configuration

・VMC7000Mシリーズ + spScan


System Image

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