Measure wheel position and posture while moving

Product Description


WheelWatch can monitor and analyze wheel behavior while the vehicle is moving or on a test bench using a camera to measure at high speed marker information attached on the wheels. The actual wheel behavior can be measured due to non-contact 6 DOF measurement.
Not only for wheel movement measurement, it can also be used for wheel test on test bench with shaker. It can also synchronize with an external device using a trigger signal from the synchronization box. when real-time mechanical control on test bench is required, digital to analog output is also possible. WheelWatch can integrate with various information relating to testing, output the results and analyze it.

  • WheelWatch
  • WheelWatch
  • WheelWatch

Product Features

  • Can measure wheel behavior even if the camera vibrates due to the dynamic reference function
  • Can perform high speed real-time measurement
  • Measurement data is not affected by ambient light
  • Calculate wheel 6DOF on a vehicle body coordinate system
  • Can simultaneously measure 4 wheels
  • Can synchronize with external equipment
  • Compact non-contact camera measuring device
  • Carbon fixture can be attached to various vehicle bodies

Product Specifications

Camera type High-speed CMOS camera
Camera resolution 13M pixels
Measuring frequency 500 Hz (Maximum 1 kHz by reducing the angle of view)
Exposure time 10 μs - 100 μs
Flash LED ring flash
Camera weight 1.5kg
Wheel adapter weight <500g
Positional accuracy (x, y, z) ±0.1mm
Angle accuracy(α・β・γ) ±0.015°
Measuring range (per camera) 1m x 1m x 0.5m
Synchronization box specifications Can synchronize up to 4 cameras, power supply: 12 V or 90 to 240V
Synchronization signal 20mA loop
Measured allowable angle (toe and camber) ±45°
Measured allowable angle (spin) Limitless
Processing PC Desktop (test bench) / laptop (running test)
OS Windows® XP 32bit, 64bit / Windows® 7 32bit, 64bit
Compatible running speed <250km

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