Leica T-Scan5

Large work piece measurement and distortion, level difference and clearance, dynamic internal defect inspection and CAD comparison

Product Description

Leica T-Scan5

A portable CMM scanning system that can support up to automation, Leica T-Scan5

  • The Leica T-Scan5 system is a non-contact measurement scanner that can be carried around in one hand.
  • The scanner can measure within a measurement range of up to 60 meters in diameter (for the AT960-XR) when used in combination with the Leica Laser Tracker AT960
  • The scanner can measure almost all materials without the use of powder regardless of the color or state of the surface being measured such as black surfaces, shiny surfaces or carbon fiber
  • The scanner can easily support a range of non-contact measurement from small and medium size parts to large work pieces that are difficult and require a long time to measure, full-size model cars, and aircraft.

Supports various measurement applications such as vehicles, aircraft and large structures

  • Leica T-Scan5
  • Leica T-Scan5
  • Leica T-Scan5

Product Features

  • High speed scanning measurement
    The greatest feature of the Leica T-Scan5 system is its high density point cloud measuring function that enables measurements to be performed accurately at high speed and in great detail. Data can be acquired at up to 330 lines per second* and 210,000 points per second (210 KHz).
  • Ultra high dynamic range
    T-Scan5 has a high dynamic range (the range in the difference between brightness and shade that can be captured simultaneously) enabling it to measure regardless of any differences in how shiny an object is.
  • Improved operability
    In comparison with conventional systems, the stand off is approximately 2 times more and the scanning line width has also been further increased. This means that deep lying parts that were once difficult to measure can now also be measured much more easily. This is a user-friendly system due to the guide laser used to check the focal point with 2 colors and the sound-based guide function.
  • Applicable for automation
    Enables the construction of highly reliable automatic measuring systems when combined with industrial robots on the production floor due to a high speed data measuring rate, the new cable design, and improvements in strength. The T-Scan5 cable can be up to 50 meters in length.

Product Specifications

Stand off (focal length) 150m
Scanning width 100mm
Sampling rate 210,000 points per sec.
Minimum point pitch 0.075mm
Sensor weight 1,100g
Laser class Class 2

*Depending on the measurement mode

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