Multi-joint compact 3D measuring system

Product Description


Titoron is multi-joint compact 3D measuring device that has a total of 6-axis joints. Can measure with a high degree of freedom due to multiple joints and achieves the industry’s highest level in measuring accuracy. Anticipated for use in a diverse range of workplaces due to its high portability and usability.
  • Titoron
  • Titoron
  • Titoron

Product Features

  • Achieves the industry’s highest level measuring accuracy
  • Achieves customer versatility due to its high operability and portability based on ergonomics
  • No need to perform setting and adjustments after exchanging probes because of the measuring probe automatic identification function
  • Equipped with an encoder that does not require warm-up or initialization so measuring preparation time is unnecessary
  • Equipped with an arm self-diagnosis function, which guarantees the reliability of the measuring accuracy
  • Fitted with a battery and Wi-Fi as standard to support cable-free measuring
  • In-house developed software achieves simple operation for the workplace

Product Specifications

  • Arm movement range: 1200 mm (arm length: 600 mm)
  • Arm weight: Approx. 10 kg
  • Measuring accuracy: MPEp 6 μm (fixed point reproducibility) / MPEe 5+40/L≤15 μm
  • Other: Can support ISO10360-2


  • Small machined parts, press parts dimension inspection, factor inspection
  • Small cast and forged parts, resin molded parts dimension inspection, factor inspection
    • Instant & simple inspection of machine tools on the production floor
    • Visualization of comparison with 3D CAD data, and evaluation
  • Welding, assembly and inspection (and other types of) jig positioning, dimension inspection
  • Small precision mold parts assembly, dimension inspection
    • Checks for assembly accuracy on the production floor provide support for shorter delivery in manufacturing and stable accuracy in manufacturing

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