Compact All-in-one solution for small object measurement

Product Description


This is the latest camera-type automatic 3D measurement system that integrates sensor and object control. Realizes 3D measurement of small items quickly and efficiently.
  • ZEISS COMET RotaryStand
  • ZEISS COMET RotaryStand
  • ZEISS COMET RotaryStand

Product Features

• Entry model of automatic 3D measurement system
• Sensor and 3 axes (2 rotation axes and 1 travel axis)
• Integrated system including safety fence
• Automatic measurement program can be created offline
• Automating from measurement to inspection by operating the screen dedicated to automatic measurement
• Sensor: COMET 5M / 8M


・Automatic measurement and inspection of small-sized cast forgings, resin moldings, and die castings
By automating the inspection process from measurement, it is possible to reduce the time to result output and prevent the outflow of defective products. It also reduces the burden on the operator and eliminates measurement variations caused by humans.

・Automatic measurement of small dies
High-quality and high-accuracy measurement data can be acquired, so it can also be used for reverse engineering.

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