VECTORON RaptorEye2 Scanning System

Non-contact measuring laser capable of the world's fastest measurement speed for instant analysis

Product Description

VECTORON RaptorEye2 Scanning System

RaptorEye2 is a TTS original scanning sensor developed based on our accumulated experiences over the years. 
It's an ultra high-speed sensor with max. 400Hz scanning rate and 660,000 points / sec. It's compatible with various kinds of devices used in the whole industry and is the fastest 3D sensor for in-line measurement. 
Due to instant shape analysis capability, it has a tremendous effect when you want to measure quickly, measure large objects, or increase number of measurement. 
*Laser Class: Class 2  
*Application: for attaching to the arm-type measurement machine VECTORON 
The sensor is suitable for inline applications and other tracking systems. 

Product Features

Product Specifications

Size 69(W)×113(D)×145(H)mm
Weight Approx. 550g
Measurement Z range ±60mm
Standoff 200mm
X Pitch 0.06mm or longer
Field Length (Width) 86~160mm
Point / line 1668 points / line
Line / sec 400 lines / sec

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