ZEISS COMET automatic measurement system

Automates tasks from measuring to inspection

Product Description

ZEISS COMET automatic measurement system

  • COMET automatic measurement with robots can automate measuring tasks that have been performed manually by people in the past.
  • Teaching tasks can be easily done using software developed for COMET automatic measurement without using robot teach pendant.
  • When comparing this system to conventional systems, not only can it provide a significant reduction in time, it can also acquire highly precise and high quality data that does not rely on operator skill.
  • ZEISS COMET automatic measurement system
  • ZEISS COMET automatic measurement system
  • ZEISS COMET automatic measurement system

Product Features

  • Paths can be created automatically according to the CAD model and inspection details
  • Can conduct operation and measuring simulations beforehand while off-line
  • High-precision hole and edge measurement for press panels using an additional lighting module (PolyLight)
  • High speed output due to parallel processing for measuring, data processing and inspection
  • Stable measuring process due to environmental (vibration, brightness and temperature) real-time monitoring
  • Anyone can easily measure automatically using the simple measurement dedicated screen
  • Set measurement parameters automatically based on the surface conditions of the work piece

Product Specifications

Camera resolution 16,000,000 5,000,000 8,000,000
Measuring range (mm3) 550 x 370 x 400 45 x 38 ~ 481 x 400 80 x 60 ~ 565 x 425
Point pitch (mm) 0.114 0.018 ~ 0.196 0.024 ~ 0.172
Focal distance (mm) 570 760 760

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