TTS Smart Measuring System

Product Description

TTS Smart Measuring System

TTS Smart Measuring System is a solution that reduces the review time of correction instruction for prototype development.
It is a Web application provided by TTS which links all the necessary information such as equipment / molding information, color map, dimensional information, defect history, CAD management information, and other information required for revisions. TTS connects measurements and supports the customer's further productivity improvement.
What TTS Smart Measuring System can do

 ■One portal site can collect all the information for reviewing corrections.
     ・Measurement results (value, color map)
     ・Equipment information
     ・Defect history
   →Reduction of review time

 ■Automatically sends event information, such as “Measurement Complete”, “Defect Detected”, “Correction Complete”, etc. to those who are in charge of the measurement to correction.
   →Information sharing, reduction of indirect cost
 ■A history of troubleshooting is recorded in 3D CAD and can be referenced
   →When developing a new model, past defect information can be referenced which prevents recurrence of the same defect.
 ■Using the accumulated database, the points of caution and the optimal correction instructions are automatically displayed by machine learning or deep learning.



Product Features

Innovative IoT solution for measurement – TTS Smart Measuring System

TTS Smart Measuring System makes full use of IT, connects the data accumulated in each process, and makes more effective use of measurement data.

Links all information into one web application

TTS Smart Measuring System is a Web application. It links equipment / molding information, dimensional information, defect information, and CAD management information into one application which results in reducing correction review time, building cooperate knowledge base, etc.

◆ The person in charge of each process is different and it takes time to share information…
◆ It’s an ad hoc measurement…
◆ Knowledge cannot be accumulated and the same defect reoccurs…

◆ Reduces correction review time and indirect cost!
◆ Saves defect information into 3D CAD/Builds knowledge!

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