Non-contact tire inspection system

Product Description


Intact is non-contact tire inspection system that expands and deforms air bubbles and detached sections inside tires using decompression, and then detects any changes to the tire surface using a laser and shearography technology. This is an established system widely used on tire production lines that can perform complete automatic inspection.

Inspection method

  1. The tire is placed in a decompression environment and then sections of the tire containing air bubbles are expanded and deformed.
  2. A laser is beamed onto the tire surface and an image is taken.
  3. Parts of the tire with air bubbles are detected by comparison calculation of tire images before and after decompression.
  4. The inspection results are displayed in the software.
  • Intact
  • Intact

Product Features

  • Easy operation
  • High-speed inspection using multiple cameras
  • Maintenance-free measuring head that does not have a drive unit for the optical system
  • Measures tires of various sizes
  • Measures the tire size and can automatically inspect without teaching
  • Can separate base tires for recycled tires before recycling providing give a high economic effect
  • Can judge results immediately after testing using on-line evaluation
  • Not affected by vibrations, when compared to conventional laser interference methods
  • Can also inspect the tire bead and sidewall
  • Can inspect nail holes (IntactV20 option)
  • Can perform automatic inspection when connected to a conveyor (option)
  • Can perform automatic inspection using bar codes (option)