Accurate and quick analysis of sheet metal distortion and thickness at work site

Product Description

AutoGrid comsmart can analyze distortions in molded panels. After molding process, 4 CCD cameras take images of the grid pattern which is printed beforehand on sheet metal prior to molding and calculate the amount of deformation performing various types of analysis including the sheet metal elongation rate and distortion.

After taking a single shot with the lightweight mobile measuring head equipped with 4 CCD cameras and then calculating 3D coordinates for grid intersection points, dedicated software is used to construct an FLD (Forming Limit Diagram) that includes the distortion amount, sheet metal thickness reduction rate and FLC (Forming Limit Curve) information to enable the formability of the panel to be analyzed.

AutoGrid comsmart
AutoGrid comsmart
AutoGrid comsmart
AutoGrid comsmart

Product Features

  • Wireless measuring head
  • Easy operation with touch panel on the measuring head
  • Lightweight measuring head
  • Easy to measure by taking images with 4 CCD cameras simultaneously
    (measurement is complete using a single button)
  • Can easily analyze distortions using dedicated software
  • Can analyze overall distortion trends by linking all measured data
  • No need to calibrate for each measurement

Product Specifications

Camera resolution 5M (per camera)
Touch screen size 5.8-Inch
Measuring range 340 mm x 390 mm (maximum per single shot)
Focal distance adjustment laser Class 2
Sensor weight 2.9kg
Sensor size 315mm x 315mm x 80mm
Measuring time 1/100 seconds
3D measuring time 15,000 points per minute
Results display pattern Distortion color map, distortion cross-face analysis, Forming Limit Diagram (FLD) and Forming Limit Curve (FLC)
Measurable numerical values Nominal strain, true strain, Mises equivalent strain, sheet thickness, sheet thickness reduction rate, grid intersection point coordinates (x, y, z)
Formats that can be output ASCII、AutoForm、Pam-Stamp、LS-Dyna、STL、AutoCAD

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