Leica Laser Tracker AT403

The ultimate portable high accuracy tracker

Product Description

Leica Laser Tracker AT403

  • Leica Laser Tracker AT403 is the most compact and wireless mobile tracker system in pursuit of ultimate portability, with all required accessories such as a remote control, environment monitor and leveling sensor equipped on the measuring head unit and powered by a battery.
  • The weight of the entire measuring system is lightweight at under 15 kg, which includes the weight of the case. The minimum system configuration can be carried as hand-luggage into commercial aircraft.
  • Leica Laser Tracker AT403
  • Leica Laser Tracker AT403
  • Leica Laser Tracker AT403

Product Features

  • Adapts to all environments (IP54)
    The measuring sensor unit can be used under the most harsh conditions because of its fully sealed design that received IP54 certification. Leica Laser Tracker AT403 can be used outdoors without any problems, even in rain. The tracker measuring mode can be defined in advance to match the measuring environment simply by clicking a button.
  • Battery powered, cable-free operation
    The system is equipped with 2 on-board batteries that can operate for 6 to 8 hours. Batteries can be replaced while operating the sensor due to their hot-swappable setup so the system can be used for even longer with spare batteries. It is a complete cable-free portable 3D measuring device that has no power cable or communication cables because it uses built-in WiFi.
  • Huge measuring area
    It is possible to measure inside dome shapes at 360°in the horizontal direction and 290°(±145°) in the vertical direction, a huge measuring distance that is the world’s largest at a diameter of 320 meters.
  • Built-in high accuracy electronic leveling instrument
    The AT403 system can measure based on absolute horizontal because it is equipped with a high accuracy electronic leveling instrument. It can be used to install machinery.
  • Power lock system
    Using a power lock system, the laser beam can be automatically locked onto reflectors. This greatly improves work efficiency and has enabled measurements to be taken without worrying about the beam being blocked by obstacles.
  • B-Probe option: An entry level ultra-lightweight probe system
    Leica B-Probe can take probe measurements within a measuring range of 20 meter in diameter with the hand-held type wireless probe used together with the AT403.
    B-Probe can take high-accuracy measurements with great efficiency in a short amount of time by combining the ATR’s limited viewing angle (0.6°) with high accuracy from ADM.
    Combining B-Probe measurements with tracker movement based on even higher accuracy reflector measurements also enables the measurement of large objects without any significant loss in measuring accuracy.
  • Enables dynamic (10 Hz) measuring
    Can perform continuous measurements. Shortens the measuring time and make the process efficient.

Product Specifications

Measuring range (diameter) 320m
Sensor unit dimensions and weight 290 x 221 x 188mm / 7.3kg
Controller size and weight 250 x 112 x 63 mm / 0.8kg
Measurement angle Horizontal ±360° Vertical ±145°
Measuring accuracy
(total measuring range)
±15μm + 6μm/m
(MPE / 1.5m~80m)
Dynamic measuring speed Maximum 10Hz
Operating environment Operating temperature -15~+45℃
Maximum humidity 95% altitude of -700~5000m
Laser class Class 2
B-Probe measuring range/accuracy 20m / ±0.2mm

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