FLARE automation system

Automation from measurement to inspection report

Product Description

FLARE automation system

  • By combining a FLARE non-contact 3D scanner and a robot, automatic measurement can be realized.
  • Teaching can be easily performed by automatic teaching with dedicated software without using a robot pendant.
  • Since automatic measurement is performed according to the teaching, the measurement accuracy does not vary depending on the skill of the measurer.
  • FLARE automation system
  • FLARE automation system
  • FLARE automation system

Product Features

  • Automatic path generation according to CAD model and inspection contents is possible.
  • Operation / measurement simulation can be performed offline in advance.
  • Easy automatic measurement is possible with a simple measurement screen that supports touch panel operation.
  • Automatically set measurement parameters according to the surface condition of the work.
  • Another measurement program can be created during automatic measurement.

Product Specifications

Standard package
Compatible sensor for automation: FLARE Pro, FLARE Entry
Installation range 3000 x 3000 x 2850 ㎥
Safety equipment Safety fence
Slide door or light curtains
Emergency stop button
Operating axis 7 axes(Robot turn table)
Object weight ~500kg
FOV ~φ1500mm

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