Leica Laser Tracker ATS600

Portable and laser-tracker-based direct scanning system

Product Description

Leica Laser Tracker ATS600

The Leica Laser Tracker Scanner ATS600 system is a new Leica 3D measurement system that seamlessly implements conventional laser tracker and reflector measurement and direct scanning without tools.
  • Leica Laser Tracker ATS600
  • Leica Laser Tracker ATS600

Product Features

• Measurement range
Direct scanning measurement: possible up to 60m (diameter 120m)
Reflector measurement: possible up to 80m! (Diameter 160m)
• Wide range 3D data acquisition like area scanner is possible with higher accuracy
• Point measurement without reflector is possible
• Reflector measurement is also possible
• The power lock system can automatically lock on the laser beam to the reflector!
• Dustproof and waterproof IP54 compatible
• Battery powered, cableless operation
• 1kHz data output (dynamic measurement possible)
• High speed scanning

Product Specifications

*Reflector measurement  
 Absolute angle performance(1) ± 15 μm + 6 μm/m
 Length measurement (EUni:0:LT,MPE)(2) ± 100 μm
All accuracies specified as Maximum Permissible Error (MPE). Typical values are half of MPE.
*Non-contace measurement  
 Range noise(3) < 80 μm
 Absolute accuracy(4) < ± 300 μm
【Measurement area】
 Reflector measurement (radius) 0.8 ~ 80 m
 Non-contact measurement (radius) 1.5 ~ 60 m
 Scanning speed 1 kHz
 Scanning rate (5) < 10 sec/㎡ (Fast Mode)
  < 135 sec/㎡ (Standard Mode)

1 Angular Performance Transverse eT according to ISO 10360-10:2016, with respect to an MPE for the Location Error (LDia.2x1:P&R:LT,MPE)
in accordance with chapter 6.3 of ISO 10360-10:2016 of ± 30 μm + 12 μm/m.
2 In accordance with ISO 10360-10:2016 Chapter 6.4, Table 4, positions 1 to 35.
3 Standard deviation (1σ ) of a best-fit plane (78% albedo), distance 1.5 to 30 metres, standard measurement mode, target aligned.
4 Maximum Deviation (MPE) of the absolute position of a plane (78% Albedo), 1.5 to 30 metres, 0 to ± 45° incidence angle.
5 At default point-to-point and line-to-line distance (10 metres).

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