PolyWorks Modeler

High quality polygon creation/editing, and surface creation software

Product Description

PolyWorks Modeler

An inspection tool that can quickly process analysis from high density measurement point cloud obtained from non-contact 3D shape measuring devices as well as alignment with CAD data, shape and dimension comparisons, and cross-section comparisons.

  • PolyWorks Modeler
  • PolyWorks Modeler

Product Features

  • Can process large volumes of data at high speed
  • A lot of alignment patterns that correspond to varieties of customers’ purposes.
  • A dimension calculation function that can be customized for various patterns by the user
    (Gap & Flash/fillet radius calculation/virtual intersection point calculation, etc.)
  • Automated inspection using macros
  • A fully customizable user interface
  • Enables consistent processing from reverse engineering to analysis by combining with PolyWorks/Modeler
Main applications
  • Pressed panels (single parts, assembly, cast and forged parts, resin molded parts, etc.) inspection
  • Best fit/3-2-1/3 planes/reference point/GD&T datum alignment
  • Dimension inspection using GD&T based on ANSI standards
  • Shape comparison with 3D CAD and product/mold measurement data (color map)
  • Inspection at specified points
  • Cross-section inspection: Plotter output at a scale of 1:1 for created cross sections
  • Gap&Flash inspection: Customizable calculation method to meet the user needs
  • Profile (R inspection/virtual intersection point) inspection: Also output points in the inspection results
  • Calculate averages from multiple data and create average data (sheets)
  • Analyze and inspect turbine blades
  • Compare between measured data (in-process analysis/aging variation)
  • Interference inspection between parts (clearance)
  • Wall thickness inspection
  • Create reports (Word/Excel/HTML/PDF)
  • Free of charge viewer

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