TTS Sustainability Initiatives

By continuously developing and providing solutions that incorporate the latest technologies and concepts, we will boldly take on the challenge of solving ever-changing customer and market issues.
We also aim for a sustainable society and will make a lasting contribution to society through our business and the means available to us as a company.

Helping Customers Increase Sustainability

Through the process of increasing the customers’ productivity, we are directly and indirectly contributing to their sustainability by introducing measurement technologies. Because they reduce the number of manufacturing processes, including automation, which directly leads to eliminating waste of materials, energy and other items that affect the environment.

Creating a society where people and robots can work together

Although automation systems are being developed to increase productivity, the goal is not to blindly automate 100% of the work, but to create a society in which people and robots can work together (i.e., people-friendly and not taking away people’s jobs), where robots taking over jobs that place a heavy burden on people (3K workplaces, work at high places, work requiring an impossible posture, etc.).

Received the first “Technology Development Award” for 2021 from Toyota Motor Corporation.

We received the “Technology Development Award” from Toyota Motor Corporation for the “Development of High Performance Autonomous Automatic Construction Measuring Technology by Linking General-Purpose Facilities”, which was jointly developed by Toyota Motor Kyushu Corporation and Toyota Production Engineering Co.Ltd. This award is given to suppliers who promote manufacturing with innovative technology, and is one of the most prestigious awards among Toyota technology-related awards.

About the Award-Winning System:

Our automatic measurement system, which combines a measuring machine, cooperative robot, and AMR program, does not require partition against workers and can be examined offline, making it possible to create measurement programs for multiple vehicle models in a short period of time while minimizing on-site adjustments.
Since the system does not require large facilities or dedicated space, it requires only about 1/2 the space of other companies’ facilities and 1/3 the investment cost.

Further improvement of energy efficiency

It enables real-time monitoring and control of facility operation status, power generation, etc. at each site through a common screen for monitoring and controlling various facilities that vary from site to site by consolidating facility and power information of many mega solar power plants (large-scale solar power plants) into a single platform, contributing to realization of low-cost and quick construction.

Aiming to minimize the burden on the environment through activities such as manufacturing products and providing services, we will continue to promote technological development and reduction of energy efficiency.