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Content of collected private information and how it is obtained

To protect customer’s privacy properly, customer’s private information is managed by proper methods. Following is an explanation of the information handling standard on this site and a notification of which kind of information is collected and how the information is used.

Purpose of use of private information

If a customer makes an inquiry by e-mail on this site, or a customer exchanges business cards with our company’s concerned parties, the customer’s private information such as name and e-mail address will be collected and used. In addition, we use cookies for the purpose of improving service to our customers, advertising, promotion and sales. We may link and analyze customers’ browsing history and personal information on our website. This information is not used for any purposes other than those indicated below.

Purpose of use

  • Introduction to / operational activity related to products and services of our company
  • Notification of the latest information, various seminars, and trade exhibitions of our company
  • Requests for filling out questionnaires, surveys, etc.
  • Provision of information related to business activities of our company
  • Reply to inquiries

Management of private information

We comply with laws, regulations, and rules applied to private information possessed by this site and manage such information with meticulous care using proper methods.

Disclosure and provision of private information

The private information collected by this site for business purposes will not be exposed or provided to third parties without prior consent, with the following exceptions:

  • When a public institution such as a public office asks us to disclose the information based on the authority defined in a law
  • When the information is required for business operations in collaboration with a group company / affiliate company

In the latter case, the same proper management is also requested to the relevant group company / affiliate company.

Correction / deletion of private information

If you want to confirm or correct the private information you provided, we will comply within reasonable limits through the inquiry counter shown below.

Improvement of handling of private information

We will appropriately review and endeavor to improve the policies for each item shown above.


This site includes links to external sites. We cannot accept any responsibility on protection of private information at linked sites or contents of such sites.

Opinion / inquiry on handling of private information

Customer’s adequate understanding of the handling of private information, etc. is very important. If you have any opinions or inquiries on the content shown above, please contact the following.