As a measurement engineering company
We support our customers
To construct smart manufacturing.

3D Digital Solution, TTS.

We would like to express our deepest gratitude for your continued support at all times.
The tide of technological innovation, which began with “connectivity,” has become even more intense, involving all industries, markets, and people’s lives.
It is becoming increasingly difficult for any business to survive without continuous change, and growth is not possible without innovation.

One of our missions, the act of “measurement” is not limited to pass/fail decisions, but is also an important way to evaluate whether the manufacturing process is appropriate and to show the path to improvement.
Furthermore, it has become commonplace to utilize measurement data collected by automated systems and various other data obtained from the manufacturing site to improve overall productivity and international competitiveness by making full use of IoT, AI, and other technologies.

In this environment, we hope to solve our customers’ problems by developing and supplying solutions that incorporate the latest technologies, and to continue to contribute to the construction of smart manufacturing for our customers.

In the midst of change, we will approach all of our work with the following vision as the one that will never change.

President and representative director
April 2022

Company Core Values

  • We provide one-stop service from consultation of customer issues to sales and maintenance.
  • We provide optimal and meticulous customer-oriented solutions to our customers’ issues.
  • We provide solutions not only for immediate issues, but also for medium- to long-term issues.
  • We value our clients’ confidence that they can trust TTS to provide solutions that exceed their expectations.
  • We develop solutions using the latest technology and information from our excellent partners.
  • We value our employees. We give our employees the utmost respect for their opinions, suggestions, efforts, dedication, and achievements

Purpose (meaning of existence)

We will boldly challenge and solve ever-changing customer and market issues by continuously developing and providing solutions that incorporate state-of-the-art technologies and concepts.
We will continue to contribute to society through our business and the means available to us as a company, with the aim of achieving a sustainable society.
We look forward to your continued warm support.