A solution that consolidates and manages all numerical values & dimensional data from prototype manufacture to mass production to achieve visualization of the quality (numerical values)

Product Description


ATS CM4D is a tool that collectively manages various numerical and dimension data from development / prototyping to mass production, performs statistical analysis processing, and automatically reports necessary data. It is used for grasping the quality status at a predetermined timing such as Daily and deep analysis of defects.
  • ATS CM4D
  • ATS CM4D
  • ATS CM4D

Product Features

    • Statistical analysis of product numerical / dimension data
    • Statistical analysis of facility data values
    • Automatic report of statistical analysis results
    • Display with Web Dashboard in cooperation with BI tool
    • Compatible with all measuring machines and equipment
    • Prevent / predictive maintenance using alert messages
    • Data verification and comparison between different processes
    • Paperless / digital


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