Non-contact surface inspection system

Product Description

ABIS II is good at detecting surface distortions quickly and easily either off-line or in-line and requires no special skills. Furthermore, it can also automatically measure and determine various types of distortions on a white vehicle body, a surface on which it is normally very difficult to find distortions. It can achieve the same level of results as those obtained from inspections and classification evaluations performed by experts in the past. Defects that cause customer complaints can be removed at an early stage after paint coating due to this high accuracy automatic detection.


Product Features

  • Reduces negative costs due to distortion detection before coating
  • A stable distortion detection standard that does not rely on the skill of an inspector
  • Outputs analysis results immediately
  • Achieves total inspection in a line
  • Detects various types of distortions that occur during the manufacturing process

Product Specifications

Sensor size 670×80×100
Sensor weight 4.7kg
Measuring time 0.1ms
Measuring area per single shot 200×300mm
CCD camera resolution 1200×1600 pixels
Minimum depth of detectable distortion 10μ(depends on surface condition)
Minimum width of detectable distortion 1.5mm
Stand off 432mm±20mm
Light source Xenon flash

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