Your fastest path from scan-to-CAD (reverse engineering software)

Product Description

Geomagic Design X, the most comprehensive reverse engineering software, combines history-based CAD with 3D scan data processing.
It can create a feature-based solid model from 3D scan data that is compatible with generic CAD software.

Geomagic DesignX

Product Features

Connects seamlessly with the CAD data you use

Geomagic Design X transfers data directly to CAD software. This unique live transfer function not only transfers shape information for created models, but it also transfers design information such as feature history and parameters. You can continue working in an environment that feels as if you had modeled the object from the beginning in CAD.

Powerful and flexible

Geomagic Design X is the only software integrated with solid modeling, advanced surface conversion, mesh editing and cloud data processing on a single platform. 3D models constructed in Geomagic Design X can be used in manufacturing as is.

Many functions to respond to project demands

Geomagic Design X’s extensive tool set has the capabilities required to adopt to various projects, including a reliable CAD function and the greatest scan data processing function in the industry. Geomagic Design X also has functions that can process scan point cloud with billions of points to create CAD models directly from point cloud without requiring meshing or other such tasks.

Same procedure as CAD software

Experienced CAD users can quickly start using Geomagic Design X. The sophisticated user interface is even easier to use than before and enables you to quickly and accurately build a model.

Main functions

  • Various 3D scan direct control tools
  • Full integration with Geomagic Capture scan
  • Supports loading for over 60 files from polygon and point cloud to CAD
  • Supports large volume point cloud data positioning, editing and mesh conversion
  • Easy-to-use mesh editing functions that include intuitive brush tools in addition to hole filling, smoothing, optimization and re-polygonization
  • Automatically extracts feature-based solids and surfaces from 3D scan data
  • Creates solids and surfaces using the same procedure as performed with CAD
  • Accuracy Analyzer, which can automatically check deviations and the quality of created solids, surfaces and sketches against the original scan data
  • Live Transfer, which supports feature-based data output to typical CAD
  • The industry’s highest level in curved surface conversion, which converts organic shapes into highly accurate CAD models
  • Supports all CAD and polygon intermediate files
  • Realistic rendering using Keyshot

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