New SCADA system of the IoT era that promotes remote work

Product Description

New SCADA “Ignition” has various interface and components for line monitoring and control, making it possible to build system which meets the needs in a short term and at lower cost.

What Ignition can do

  • Real-time monitoring and remote control
  • Equipment PLC and sensor information collection
  • Grasp of tank capacity and flow rate
  • Prevents overlooking disorders by alerts
  • Flexible operation is available with a multi-platform support such as OS, web browser, tablet apps, etc.

Product Features

New SCADA “Ignition” is integrated monitoring and control solution for manufacturing line. It’s a new SCADA system which consists of a server, client, and device with various optional modules that can be used in detail for each customer environment.

  • Real-time monitoring
    It allows the user to visually grasp the equipment status in real time.
  • Alert function
    Alert setting under various conditions helps the user prevent overlooking disorders.
  • Simplicity
    Users can maintain the system by themselves due to the user-friendly development environment.
  • Lower cost
    Due to the unlimited license and self-maintainability, high cost performance can be expected in the long run.
  • Multiple platforms
    As a user interface, integrated equipment monitoring on web browser and building a tablet application are possible.
  • PLC
    Drivers of major equipment makers are available so that it can even manage devices from multiple makers at once.
  • HMI
    Powerful HMI building function is equipped, which promotes remote work in factories.
Real-time monitoring
Alert aggregation screen
History function/Report analysis

BEFORE Ignition

AFTER Ignition

Monitoring and maintenance of equipment with Ignition

TOP100 Integrator

We are one of Ignition’s Top 100 global best-selling integrators. (Result for the first half year of 2022: 47th)

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Construction of a smart factory with next-generation SCADA/IIoT
Customer’s voice:
Advantages of the unlimited license
Automobile die-casting parts manufacturing:
Madison-Kipp Corporation
Solar power (PV)
Food safety and cleaning
SmartWash Solutions
Manufacturing of aerial work platforms
JLG Industries
Pipeline transport of crude oil
ARB Midstream
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