Virtual Assembly

Virtual Assembly


Consider temporary assembly of large structures such as bridges on software and reduce on-site man-hours and on-site adjustments.


The Leica Laser Tracker AT960 system supports a variety of applications. By utilizing a unique laser tracker system that can perform everything from point measurement to shape measurement and robot calibration, man-hours and unnecessary parts can be reduced.

Proposal Contents

Leica Laser Tracker AT960 (SR) / MR / LR / XR + LAS or LAS-XL + software
(PolyWorks, SA, etc.)

By combining the Leica Laser Tracker AT960 system with the LAS or LAS-XL scanner, it is possible to measure the shape with high accuracy which results in reducing not only man-hours and unnecessary parts but also the assembly time by considering temporary assembly of the structure based on the measurement data on software.

System Configuration

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