Product Description
  • Acquires 3D point cloud data with high-quality and reliability using the best combination of angle and distance measurement.
  • Used for a wide range of tasks including modifying the design and measuring the current condition of complex and delicate pipe systems, and mapping historical structures.
Leica ScanStation

Product Features

  • Best combination of angle and distance measurement
  • Maximum of 1 million points per second high speed scanning
  • Supports harsh environments with such as IP54 dust/water-proof specifications
  • Maintains the best conditions for equipment using an inspection and adjustment function

Product Specifications

P16 P30/P40 P50
Measuring speed Up to 1 million points per second
Measuring distance 0.4m~80m
(18% reflectance)
(18% reflectance
(34% reflectance
(80% reflectance
Distance accuracy 1.2mm+10ppm 1.2mm+10ppm 1.2mm+10ppm
(120m/270m mode)
(570m/>1km mode)
Measured angle accuracy 8(horizontal)”/ 8(vertical)
Measuring range horizontal 360°/ vertical 290°
Range noise 10 m 0.4mm rms 0.5mm rms
Range noise 50 m 0.4mm rms 0.5mm rms
2-Axis compensator Real-time compensator equipped fluid sensor, can be switched on/off,
resolution 1″, dynamic range 5′, accuracy 1.5″
Weight/external shape 12.25 kg (without battery) / D 238 x W 358 x H 395(mm)

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