CAD comparison and inspection software that includes the needs of Japanese users

Product Description

Next generation inspection software with advantages of using 3D data, analyzes 3D CAD data and measured point cloud, and compares its dimensions. spGauge is product inspection assist tool that was made into a product by Armonicos, a top Japanese manufacturer of 3D application software. Armonicos incorporated the various needs of users to create this product with the goal of innovating “3D monozukuri”. Its aim is to automate and improve efficiency for inspection work by making the most of the advantages of using 3D data.

Product Features

  • Best-fit positioning with the whole or part of a shape
  • Positioning with reference points (plane, straight line, hole position, etc.)
  • Color-map analysis with CAD / measured data comparison or each measured data comparison.
  • Reference point inspection
  • Evaluation of distance, angle and radius measurements at cross-section (2D) shapes
  • Various analysis at cross section (2D) shapes (simultaneous evaluation of multiple cross sections)
  • Trim edge (plate stop) and ridge point analysis
  • Automatic dimension comparison with CAD data

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