Reverse engineering

Product Description

Reverse engineering software that creates NURBS surfaces from 3D measurement data.

Main functions

  • Best polygonization for point cloud data
  • Polygon automatic correction
  • (hole filling, smoothing, thinning, etc.)
  • Polygon automatic grouping
  • Automatic base surface creation
  • Automatic curved surface creation
  • Fillet curved surface creation
  • Angle creation (curved surface)
  • Curve surface optimization
  • (Fitting curved surface→polygon)
  • Error analysis color map between polygons and curved surfaces

Product Features

Used in a wide range of industries and applications such as design models, design, mold machining and analysis.
Analyzes the curvature of measured data and creates curved surface using surface composition similar to CAD. Therefore, it can be used seamlessly with a variety of systems such as CAD, CAM and analysis software in use at your company.

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