A movable processing machine that can be installed on a model surface plate

Product Description

  • A movable model processing machine that can be installed on an existing surface plate
  • Uses carbon material on the arm and columns to achieve high accuracy, high rigidity and reduce weight (main unit weight is 450 kg).
  • The processing head is compact and can also support processing of interior models, etc. Has a head angle automatic correction function.
  • The guide rails on the base axis can be installed easily and the length can be increased by connecting 2 of them together.
  • Furnished with a user interface that anyone can easily use, and equipped with all functions including an NC data editing function and manual intervention function despite the processing performance being that of a full-scale NC control machine.

Product Features

A movable model processing machine that can be installed on an existing surface plate in a studio. The model can be quickly and easily NC processed by anyone wherever it is without needing to move it. The machine can also be completely removed for evaluation meetings or similar events. Easily enables full-scale NC processing to be performed by anyone without any knowledge of G-codes because it is different to machine tools and other such similar equipment. Significantly improves development efficiency by rapidly speeding up the cycle of NC processing □ Evaluation □ Correction □ NC processing □ Evaluation. This is an NC processing machine that is critical to the process of developing models, which can be used in places with harsh withstand load conditions, such as mezzanine floors, because the machine is lightweight.

Product Specifications

Machine stroke
Arm 1300mm
Column 2120mm
Base Up to 6m
Machine operation accuracy (at 20°) Each axis ±0.08mm/axis
Simultaneously controlled axes 5 fixed axes (3 simultaneous axes and 2 manual axes)
Main shaft 300 W 0.48 N・m continuous 6,000 revolutions
Head indexing angle A axis -15° to 120°(15° decomposition)
B axis 0 to ±180° (15° decomposition)
Speed Fast forwarding 8m/min
Cut feed 5m/min
Power supply AC100V ±10% 50/60Hz
Weight Machine 450 kg, control machine 200 kg


Scale models, full-size models, exterior models, interior models
Core foam material (styrene and urethane)
When combined with a non-contact measuring device, it can automate left-right flipping, expand the process from scale models, and significantly reduce time by replacing molding using layout machines with NC processing. It also provides feedback and other information for manufacturing and developing models used for wind tunnel testing.

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