The vehicle manufacturing process includes the processing step for such as welding the vehicle body, panels and frame, as well as other parts. To set up for this type of step, work to secure clamps and other items is required. If the clamps are not set up in the most optimal order, internal stress may remain after the processing step. To prevent this problem, it is necessary to make adjustments such as optimizing the order in which the clamps are secured and optimizing the number of securing clamp points.


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MoveInspect system is a camera type CMM that can dynamically comprehend and analyze the behavior of a target object after calculating the spatial coordinate position of multiple targets affixed to the object being measured.
Targets are affixed to points to be measured on objects such as the body panel and frame and then MoveInspect can monitor to check for any distortions at points caused by the clamp work. It is also possible to optimize the cramping from the monitored data. Using a dynamic reference function also enables monitoring with very little influence from locations with vibration.

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Distortion due to clamping

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