A portable CMM that measures dynamic movement

Product Description

3D Arena system is a portable camera type CMM that can comprehend and analyze the behavior of a target object after calculating the spatial coordinate position of multiple targets affixed to the object to be measured.
Using a dynamic reference function calculates only the actual movement of the object marker in any coordinate system even in locations with vibration because the camera is not affected by vibration.

Product Features

  • Measure the spatial position of multiple points in 3D (XYZ coordinates)
  • Analyze deformation that changes over time for thermal deformation and stress deformation
  • Measure the position and posture of a rigid body in 6D
  • (XYZ coordinates and XYZ axis rotational angle)
  • Measure behavior including posture, and positioning based on 6D measurement
  • Can measure even at locations with vibration due to the dynamic reference function
  • Can synchronize with external equipment and take measurements
  • Collects dynamic data required for fault analysis and design correction

Product Specifications

3D Arena
Camera resolution 8M
Measuring frequency Up to 14 Hz (dependent on PC specs)
Measuring range (when standard) 1-3m
Measuring range (when expanded) 3-5m
1 ㎡ general accuracy ±50μm
No. of cameras 2
OS Windows® 7 64 bit / Windows® 10 64 bit
4-camera configuration
16-camera configuration

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