When measuring relatively large objects, there are issues with measuring at sites where it is difficult to take measurements due to the surrounding conditions, such as having to measure dimensions while moving the measuring device. In such cases, routing the power supply and power supply cables, and also transporting equipment can be troublesome. Issues also remain with the ability to reproduce the measurements.

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DPA is a non-contact 3D measuring device that can calculate the spatial position of each component as 3D coordinate information by capturing images from various angles using a high resolution digital camera.
The camera simply captures images as part of the measurement process. There is no need for an AC power supply. Positions, where target labels are affixed at the measurement points, are calculated as 3D coordinates from multiple captured images. This method has also been certified by government institutions as the best measurement method to use when measuring the dimensions of objects that are relatively large, such as vehicles.

System Configuration

System Image

Simply capture images of the targets
from all angles

The captured images are used to calculate
3D positions of the targets

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