<3D-magic REGALIS>Software that anybody can use.

<3D-magic REGALIS>Software that anybody can use.


-Reduce difference of measurement result depending on the user’s skill.
-Few engineers can use measuring machines.
-Long period of time for measurement.


-Automatically create inspection contents and measurement procedure
-Original report format
-Various grades

Proposal Contents

Software (Regalis)(VMC7000M with ApiScan, or VME300M with RapterEye2)

It is an in-house developed measurement & analysis software that high-speed data processing is realized with the new software engine. 
UI(user interface) function has been well-developed so that anyone can use the device easily, which results in solving problems such as the uneven results occurred by a difference of individual skill, less engineers who can handle the device, etc. 

System Configuration

System Image

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