Measuring solution (Vehicle white body inspection) BMW

Measuring solution (Vehicle white body inspection) BMW


Increase inspection efficiency / Improve quality / Inspect shapes by comparing with CAD


Using T-Probe enables us to measure points, hole diameters and hole positions, while using T-Scan5 enables us to compare shapes with CAD on-site, when combining each of these items with the Leica Laser Tracker AT960 system.

Proposal Contents

Leica Laser Tracker
AT960(SR)/MR/LR/XR + Reflector+T-Probe+ T-Scan5+ software (PolyWorks, etc.)

Leica AT960 is a portable measuring system that is efficient, productive and easy-to-use.
The main objective of a new system was to shorten the inspection time. Combining multiple system tools has enabled high accuracy and significant time reduction.

System Configuration

System Image

System Images

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