Large work piece measurement and distortion, level difference and clearance, dynamic internal defect inspection and CAD comparison

Product Description

Wireless and armless 3D point measurement probe

  • The Leica T-Probe system can measure with a probe at a high measuring rate and high measuring accuracy within a measurement range of up to 60 meters in diameter (for the AT960-XR) in combination with the Leica Laser Tracker AT960 system.
  • The probe can measure hidden and hard-to-measure places in the shortest setup time.
  • There are two mounting locations for the stylus. This mounting direction and the stylus length can be changed instantly while measuring without the need to calibrate.

For aircraft and large structures using multiple styluses

Product Features

  • Lightweight hand-held probe
  • Wireless operation
  • Mechanism to easily measure hidden places
  • Probe self-recognition function
  • Stylus self-recognition function
  • Sound feedback function
  • Visual feedback function
  • Stylus high accuracy quick release function
  • Various stylus types and lengths
  • Easy lock on using a power lock

Product Specifications

Model AT960-MR AT960-LR AT960-XR
[Measuring range]
Measuring range (diameter) 20m 40m 50m*
[Allowable angle]
Pitch angle ±45°
Yaw angle ±45°
Roll angle 360°(limitless)
[Measuring accuracy]
T-Probe only ±35µm**
[Measuring and tracking performance]
Measuring output rate 1,000 points per sec.
Tracking speed (all directions) >meter per sec.
Acceleration (all directions) 1g
Battery duration time 12hours
Weight 570g

*Standard measurement range which is the measurement range within guaranteed accuracy is 60 meters in diameter.
**T-Probe measuring accuracy (Uxyz) is obtained by adding this number to the AT960 tracker measuring accuracy.

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