Layout Machine Mini Model

Horizontal 3D measuring device, Compact moving table model 

Product Description

Layout Machine Mini Model

  • A layout machine combined with the best table for small work piece measurement and marking work
  • Measurement work can be performed after moving the table because it has built-in casters.
  • Measurement inspection can be done immediately in any location without a dedicated surface plate.
  • Best suited for scale models while developing the design
  • Can be used for 1/4 exterior, 1/2 interior, 4-wheel or 2-wheel.
  • The model can be easily turned because it also has a built-in turn table
  • A lightweight aluminum type and cast iron type that uses magnets are also available in the line-up.
  • Layout Machine Mini Model
  • Layout Machine Mini Model
  • Layout Machine Mini Model

Product Features

The machine has been devised to enable the operator to sit down while measuring and performing molding work. The aluminum type can be fitted with an option to raise and lower the table. This enables the operator to adjust the height for easier use and improves work efficiency. The turn table is indexed by 90 degrees to enable the direction the model is facing to be freely changed. Reviewing many of the ideas during the scale model stage at the beginning of development contributes to shortening the overall process during development and improves efficiency.

Product Specifications

Item Specifications
Table dimensions 1,600 x 1,100 x 150mm
Table material Aluminum/cast iron
Withstand load 100kg
Table flatness 0.3mm


Scale model and related parts molding, measurement, marking, point attachment, spec checks, etc. As a table for when cutting with Portable MILL or similar model processing machine.
Small work piece measurement and marking, etc. (small cast parts, resin parts, unit parts, wind tunnel scale models, etc)

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