Horizontal 3D measuring device
High accuracy model

Product Description

  • The most highly accurate model from among the layout machines, suitable for various types of product testing.
  • The steel columns and aluminum arm have been treated with special wear resistance to maintain high rigidity and high accuracy.
  • Equipped with a rod-type feed knob to make it easier for the operator when measuring various large work pieces for automobile white bodies, and achieves high accuracy measurements.
  • Can also be used as a horizontal CMM automatic measuring system in addition to taking measurements by operating a joy-stick when combined with an SNC system, and a manual setup that measures by operating a feed knob.
  • CFRP (carbon material) manufactured arm spec is available as an option. Can achieve even greater accuracy

Product Features

The horizontal 3D measuring device is configured for the 3 axes XYZ. Therefore, the coordinate system is easy to visualize and understand so it can be applied to marking work as well as 3D measurement work, which means it can be used for a wide range of applications.

Case Study

Toray Carbon Magic Co., Ltd.


Daimler Greater China Ltd.

Product Specifications

Type Y-axis Z-axis Total height Accuracy of each axis(mm) Weight (kg)
1615J 1500 1600 2410 ±0.04 410
2015J 1500 2000 2810 ±0.04 450
Type each axis accuracy:U1 spatial accuracy:U3
1615J 40+50L/1000 50+60L/1000
2015J 50+50L/1000 60+60L/1000

When using the J model dedicated frame (unit: μm)
L: mm Accuracy verification criteria: Digital device with operation processing function

Dedicated digital device for Layout Machine

Laymatic Master

It is data processing software with arithmetic function which can be easily operated at hand with a laptop.

Advantages of introduction:

Easy operation

Can be operated on a laptop.
-Data transfer can be done via USB (conventional RS232C is also available).
-MEGA users can use it without discomfort.

-Register frequently-used functions as buttons on a screen so that the functions can be executed with just one click of button.
-Newly added part program function allows operator to easily create measurement data.

-Japanese, English, Chinese, Thai


Measuring and marking large work pieces, etc. (inspection jigs, standard jigs, sub-assembly, white bodies, manufactured can-shaped products, etc.)
Test inspection, mass production sampling inspection, spec inspection, various types of analysis, etc.,
manual measurement, automatic measurement

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