Measurement and analysis software ideal for the manufacturing site in pursuit of usability

Product Description


It's an in-house developed software which has been used in vaiours industories mainly the auto industry since its development in 1999. 
Both contact and non-contact measurement are possible. It needs to be plugged into TTS measurement devices.
It's possible to compare and analyze the 3D CAD data and measurement work piece to see if it passes or fails at the site. 
By eliminating the need for drawings and simplifying the inspection jig, it reduces costs. 
It offers User-friendly measurement and analysis software that even beginners can easily operate.

*Compatible with Vectoron and Leica.




Product Features

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▼ High-speed processing of large data (no detail display)

Product Specifications

  • Microsoft Windows 7 SP1 64bit or higher
  • Microsoft Windows 10 version 1703 (Creators Update) 64bit or higher

Japanese/English version Microsoft .NET 4.7 or higher required

Recommended spec
CPU Intel / AMD quad core
Main memory *1 32GB
HDD free space*1 8GB or more
Graphics card*2 NVIDIA Quadro series
(On-board graphics memory 8 GB or more)
Microsoft Excel Microsoft Excel 2016

*1: Requires hard drive space appropriate to the work load.
*2:Requires the latest graphic card. Please obtain information from the NVIDIA homepage.
   There is no guarantee that Intel and AMD manufactured graphics cards will work.

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