• Blade shape inspection after re-processing ・Final inspection for CAD


Using T-Probe can increase efficiency of measurements when combined with the Leica Laser Tracker AT960 system. Places that are hidden or that are hard to measure using the reflector can be easily measured.

Proposal Contents

Leica Laser Tracker
AT960(SR)/MR/LR/XR + Reflector+T-Probe + software (PolyWorks, etc.)

Enables the stylus length and tip to be freely registered. After registering, the stylus can be changed instantly while measuring without the need to calibrate.

System Configuration

Leica Laser Tracker
AT960(main unit)

Leica T-Probe

Data processing software

System Image

Attaching a long stylus (500 mm) for shape and position tolerance on a housing of 6 meters and 80 tons, and measuring with a probe (wirel

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