Layout Machine E Model

Horizontal 3D measuring device
Basic model

Product Description

Layout Machine E Model

  • High cost performance basic model
  • The lightweight aluminum body construction makes operation feel brisk and easy, best suited for molding work involving measuring and marking during design development and model molding
  • Can measure by operating a joy-stick when combined with an SNC system, not just a manual setup that measures by operating a feed knob.
  • Has a variety of measuring ranges and a objects from small to large can be used.
  • Has an abundant attachment line-up that respond to various situations.

Product Features

The horizontal 3D measuring device is configured for the 3 axes XYZ. Therefore, the coordinate system is easy to visualize and understand so it can be applied to marking work as well as 3D measurement work, which means it can be used for a wide range of applications.
It is also very useful as a modeling tool during design development. The machine can be easily moved when evaluating a design. It is a versatile model that can be configured to meet the situation you wish to use it because it has wireless functionality due to it being battery-powered and having a touch-panel that anyone can easily operate.

Product Specifications

Type Y-axis Z-axis Accuracy(mm/axis) Weight(kg)
12E 950 1200 ±0.08 145
16E 1120 1600 ±0.08 195
20E 1200 2000 ±0.08 205
25E 1200 2500 ±0.10 300


Measuring and marking large work pieces, etc. (inspection jigs, standard jigs, sub-assembly, white bodies, manufactured can-shaped products, etc.)
Manual measurement such as test inspection, mass production sampling inspection, spec inspection, various types of analysis Modeling tools such as clay model, etc., molding, measuring, marking, point attachment, left/right transfer, spec checks

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