VECTORON VMC8000 series

Completely made-in-Japan articulated 3D measuring machine with a new hardware structure designed in pursuit of user-friendliness

Product Description

VECTORON VMC8000 series

VECTORON is an articulated 3D measuring machine that enables highly flexible measurement by flexible handling with its seven joints. For more than 40 years since its development, mainly in the Japanese automobile industry, it has been used in many manufacturing sites, including heavy industry, construction machinery, government offices, and the steel industry.
It can measure products with complex shapes and intricate structures effortlessly. Also, it can be easily transported and requires no pre-measurement preparation, complicated setups, or calibration. The newly released VMC8000 series has improved the basic capacity of the arm body compared to the previous models, enabling contact and non-contact measurement of various workpieces and shapes with more nimble movements.


Product Features

High-precision articulated arm
The ergonomic arm proportions, electromagnetic locking system, and lightweight materials are designed to minimize stress and load on the operator. The six joints in total enable measurement of complex shapes, intricate structures, and objects with height differences without difficulty. High-precision measurement of geometric elements such as holes is also possible.
Diverse non-contact probe
The probe tip can be changed according to the application.
This makes it possible to measure in hard-to-reach locations or at the bottom of deep cylinders.
High-precision non-contact scanner
You can select the optimum non-contact sensor for your measurement workpiece and application.

Employing the flying dot method, this scanner enables high-precision measurement of holes, edges, and fine shapes with no spray on black surfaces such as strong gloss and piano black.
This in-house developed optical cutting scanner is capable of scanning at a high speed of 660,000 points/second at 400 Hz, enabling quick acquisition of surface data and shortening measurement time.
Measurement on various objects
The maximum measurement range at one time is about 2500 mm, and the ability to connect coordinates and linkage with the laser tracker (smart alignment) enables measurement of large objects beyond the measurement range of the arm.

Electromagnetic Locking System
The arm can be locked in any desired position at the touch of a button. This eliminates the hassle of returning the arm to the home position during measurement.
Battery and Wi-Fi support (optional)
Because communication via battery and Wi-Fi is supported, measurement is now possible in environments where it is difficult to obtain a power source or where cables get in the way, such as on top of a processing machine.
In case of major changes in the measurement environment or when accuracy is not stable, customers can calibrate the system by themselves with a simple operation to maintain and control accuracy.

Full maintenance and support system
Our engineers will perform annual calibration and respond promptly to any malfunctions or defects at our domestic factory. Also, we have a support center to ensure that our customers can use our products comfortably. It is open from 9:00 am to 5:00 pm weekdays, and the same contact point for both hardware and software is available via e-mail and telephone. We are also available to help customers solve any other measurement problems or issues as well.
Reliable Made-in-Japan
The VECTORON is the industry's only made-in-Japan multi-joint 3D measuring machine developed at the request of Japanese automobile manufacturers.
Hardware is developed by Kosaka Laboratory Ltd. and software is by us.
Control and Analysis Software
Either 3D-Magic REGALIS or Polyworks can be selected depending on the application.
ISO10360 Compliance
We have established an accuracy assurance system with our self-developed gauges.

Sophisticated design and robust arm with new structure
The redesigned structure of each joint has been reviewed to improve measurement accuracy and maintain stable accuracy against changes in the measurement site environment compared to the previous model.

Product Specifications

Model VMC8000M
Probe maximum move range X-axis direction 3500mm
Y-axis direction 3500mm
Z-axis direction 3275mm
(based on our standards)
E UNI *1 0.060mm
P SIZE *2 0.020mm
P FORM *3 0.039mm
L DIA *4 0.088mm
L DIA *5 0.064mm
[Contact measurement]
Fixed point reproducibility *6
[Contact measurement]
Measurement accuracy *6
[Non-contact measurement]
Fixed point reproducibility *6
Measuring arm Length 1750mm
Number of joint 6 joints
(7 joints for non-contact measurement)
Mass 11.1kg
Operating temperature 5~40℃
Storage temperature -5~60℃
Operating humidity 10~85% (non-condensing)
Power supply 100~240VAC
*1 Length measurement error (ISO 10360-12 compliant)  *2 probing dimensional error (ISO 10360-12 compliant) 
*3 Probing form error (ISO 10360-12 compliant)  *4 (Contact measurement) Rotational position error (ISO 10360-12 compliant) 
*5 (Non-contact measurement) Rotational position error (ISO 10360-8 ANNEX D compliant)  *6 manufacturer's standard compliant
Scanner specifications ApiScan RaptorEye2
Dimensions 76(W)×106(D)×124.6(H)mm 48(W)×102(D)×148(H)mm
Weight Approx. 640g Approx. 550g
Beam Diameter φ 0.183mm or smaller φ0.14mm or smaller
Measurement Z Range 60mm 120mm
Standoff 145~205mm 140~260mm
X pitch 0.016~0.063mm 0.06~0.1mm
Field length (width) 21.56~213.54mm 86~160mm
Point /line 695~1708pt. /line 1668pt. /line
Line /sec 40~100lines /sec 400lines /sec


・Automobile press
・Precision press

Die casting
・Die maintenance
Large welded structures

・Automotive body
・Construction and agricultural machinery
・Heavy industrial components
Resin molded products
・Interiors, etc.
Jig and inspection tools
Metal processing products
Clay models
Fiber and fabric materials
Measurement of forged and fabricated materials

・Carbon fibers
・Foaming agents
・Large casting
In-process measurement
In-line trend inspection

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