VECTORON VMC7000M series

Immediate analysis, a culmination of 39 years

Product Description

VECTORON VMC7000M series

The industry's only Made In Japan, an articulated 3D measurement system that has the longest history and many references in the Japanese market.

This system was developed based on the concept of a system that could measure anywhere and be easily used by anyone, with application for tasks that include all quality management duties, dimension inspection, assembly inspection, CAD comparison, deformation analysis and reverse engineering, using both a contact probe and non-contact laser.

Vectoron is the only system of its kind made in Japan for industry. It was first released in 1980 and has been developed into a system to match the times so that it is currently at its 8th generation.

Planning, selling and software development are handled by TTS while the hardware is handled by Kosaka Laboratory. The system has been used not only in automotive industries for development and manufacturing sites such as automotive presses, resin parts, jigs, and inspection tools but also in heavy industry, construction machinery, government and consumer electrical appliances. Last year, the new Vectoron system VMC7000M series, which culminates all of this experience, was finally released. This system was developed to mark the first step and make a mark in history for the measurement industry.

  • VECTORON VMC7000M series
  • VECTORON VMC7000M series
  • VECTORON VMC7000M series

Product Features

  • High accuracy arm and proprietary developed non-contact laser sensor
  • Highest accuracy class in the industry: Contact type accuracy 0.04 mm, non-contact accuracy 0.06 mm
  • Improved ability to retain accuracy and operability due to significant weight reduction
  • Achieves high accuracy scanning using a proprietary non-contact API sensor that uses a flying dot method, which enables any colored object, including shiny and black, to be measured without sprays.
  • The non-contact sensor can freely control measurement point density, reproduce fine shapes such as holes, protrusions, edges and ribs, and inspect fine shapes using non-contact data
  • Equipped with a newly developed flexible brake to freely maintain any position during the measurement work
  • Plug-in the dedicated software 3D-Magic REGALIS. Outstanding operability similar to high-end systems
  • Supports measuring anywhere due to its high portability and ability to cope with different environments
  • The arm, sensor and software are only made in Japan
    Hardware and software are supported together by TTS, everything is completely resolved within Japan
  • Proposals for hardware and software customization and solution packages that meet the customer’s needs, Proposals for TTS solution system

Product Specifications

Model VMC7000M VMC7000L
Probe maximum move range X-axis direction 3500mm 3900mm
Y-axis direction 3500mm 3900mm
Z-axis direction 3312mm 3712mm
(based on our standards)
Fixed point reproducibility 2σ:0.03mm 2σ:0.05mm
Contact-type measurement accuracy 2σ:0.04mm 2σ:0.063mm
Non-contact measurement accuracy ±0.06mm ±0.08mm
Measuring arm Total length 1750mm 1950mm
Freedom 7 joints 7 joints
Mass Approx. 12kg (includes non-contact controller) Approx. 13kg (includes non-contact controller)
Power supply AC100~240V, 50/60Hz, 115VA(does not include PC)
Device weight VTL03 specifications Approx. 21kg Approx. 22kg
VTL41 specifications Approx. 108kg Approx. 109kg
VTL60 specifications Approx. 77kg Approx. 78kg
Sensor spec Model PU-OL100-SP
Size 76(W)×106(D)×124.6(H)mm
Weight Approx. 640g
Beam diameter φ0.183 mm or less
Measurement Z width 60mm
Stand off 145~205mm
X Pitch 0.016~0.063
Visual field length (width) 21.56~213.54mm
points per line 201 to 513 points per line
Measurement lines 30 to 60 lines per second


Would you like to resolve issues together with us using the Vectoron system? We are a measuring device manufacturer and a company that provides solutions to resolve issues. Customer issues can definitely be resolved together with TTS.

  • Contact/non-contact measurement can be performed anywhere.
  • Vehicles: Measurement of pressed sheet metal, molds, bumpers, instrument panels, sub-assembly part interference analysis, assembled part analysis, analysis and measurement of other company products, checks on damage state of experimental areas, mass produced part sampling checks, rubber molding, interior carpet material, seat-related general items, inspection tools, welding jigs, engine block and core sand molds, suspension parts, die-cast manufactured parts, and other equipment
  • Construction machinery: Dimensions of large canning structures (arm, boom, frame, various small parts), when assembling parts, casting parts, checks for accepting parts, mass produced part sampling checks
  • Heavy industry: Cast casing, turbine blades, small parts for aircraft, bridge and building structures, impellers for hydroelectric generators,
  • Other fields: Measuring refrigerators and special-purpose vehicle parts, application in industrial engineering centers and in 3D data analysis companies
  • ・ Non-contact API sensor non-spray measurement makes possible of reproduction and inspection of edges, holes and minute shapes.
  • Real-time in-process analysis and data-making of product-change point by inter-process analysis, and die/equipment change status.
  • Ultra-simplify inspection jigs and fully-automate processes through customization
  • Yield rate analysis of products such as pressed, welded, resin and cast
  • A measurement system that anyone can easily build with full use of management points and measurement macros
  • Automatic inspection after measuring and original report making
  • Customize automatic measurement using Excel macros and the form creation function
  • Build a system that keeps a tight hold on information using encrypted measurement results

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