• We want to accurately install large machinery and make assembly inspection efficient. We want to reduce costs.


Leica Laser Tracker can be used to install and assemble large machinery. Shortens the time to process measurements and reduces costs.

Proposal Contents

Leica Laser Tracker 

  • AT500 + Reflector+B-Probe+software (PolyWorks, etc.)
  • AT960(SR)/MR/LR/XR + Reflector+T-Probe + software (PolyWorks, etc.)

Using the Leica Laser Tracker system enables geometric measurement and assembly of features that include straightness, flatness, levelness, perpendicularity, circularity and pitch.

System Configuration

System Image

Parabolic antenna installation
Jig assembly
Assembly of large bearings of diameter
12.7 meters (max. 22 meters)

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