Next-generation laser tracker that is extremely portable with cableless and compactness while maintaining high-precision measurement and easy operation.

Product Description

The Leica Absolute Tracker AT500 benefits from a fully battery-powered, integrated-controller design that makes it the most portable and easy to setup member of the Absolute Tracker range. Operational simplicity plays a key role in driving the enhanced productivity proposition of the AT500, from its easy ultra-long-range reflector measurement capabilities to the entry-level 6DoF probing functionality delivered by B-Probeplus. With the usability and robust design that are the defining features of the AT500, absolutely anyone can measure absolutely anything, absolutely anywhere. 

Product Features

Measurement anywhere 

The AT500 boasts IP54-rated protection from the elements, as well as an extended working temperature range of -15 to +50°C, allowing for measurement from the mountaintop to the foundry. 

Next-generation probing 

The battery-powered B-Probeplus brings entry-level 6DoF handheld probing to the 3D tracker segment. The probe is easier to handle than the previous generation and boasts a widened acceptance angle and increased range. 

Battery operation

The batteries that power the AT500 have been built into the tracker head, making this a system that’s ideal for setup and operation beyond the bounds of traditional inspection locations. 

Live 6DoF information 

The digital read-out of the B-Probeplus puts direct measurement feedback in the users hands. This simplifies and speeds up probing operations, and is particularly useful in supporting drilling applications when combined with a punch tool accessory. 

Extended range 

The full reflector measurement range of the AT500 extends across a volume 320 meters in diameter, making it the ideal solution for inspection of large structures such as antennas or ships. 

Productivity made easy 

One-button operation combined with WiFi access point connectivity and integrated batteries makes the AT500 the easiest tracker to use. And it’s not limited to upright configuration — it can be used in any orientation, including upside down.

Product Specifications

Measuring range (diameter) 320m
Sensor unit dimensions and weight 477x261x238mm / 13.6kg
Measurement angle Horizontal±360° Vertical±145°
Measuring accuracy
(total measuring range)
±15μm + 6μm/m
(MPE / 1.5m~80m)
Dynamic measuring speed Maximum 10Hz
Operating environment Operating temperature -15~+50℃
Maximum humidity 95% altitude of -700~5500m
Laser class Class 2
Wireless temperature sensor -40~+85℃

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