Large work piece measurement and distortion, level difference and clearance, dynamic internal defect inspection and CAD comparison

Product Description

World’s first wide-range Portable CMM scanning system, Leica LAS-XL Wide Scanner

  • Leica’s hand-held scanning system with ergonomic design.
  • The scanner can measure within a measurement range of up to 60 meters in diameter (for the AT960-XR) in combination with the Leica Laser Tracker AT960
  • A wide scanner with a maximum scanning width of 468 mm that shortens the measuring time of large structures.

Supports various measurement applications such as vehicles, aircraft and large structures

Product Features

  • Automatic recognition function with the AT960
  • Various feedback functions
  • Ergonomic design
  • Lightweight sensor (weight: 940 g)
  • Very good at measuring shiny surfaces (LAS scanner)
  • Supports IP50 standard (dustproof feature)
  • Long stand off
  • Large scanning width and fine point pitch
  • Battery operation

Product Specifications

Stand off (focal length)700mm
Scanning widthMaximum 468mm*
Sampling rate143,000 points per sec.
Minimum point pitch0.045mm*
Sensor weight960g
Laser classClass 2

*Depending on the measurement mode

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