Leica T-Mac

Automatic measuring, assembly assist measuring and robot calibration

Product Description

Leica T-Mac

T-Mac, a device for measuring 6 degrees of freedom, ideal for automated applications.

  • The Leica T-Mac system is a sensor unit to measure the 6 degrees of freedom of XYZ, roll, pitch and yaw.
  • Calibrate robots, assemble fuselages and install machines, and used extensively with Leica’s automated solutions.
  • Reflector and multiple LEDs are set onto the T-Mac unit to track from various angles. It can be used in tough industrial environments due to its sealed housing.

For automatic measuring, assembly assist automatic measuring, and robot calibration

  • Leica T-Mac
  • Leica T-Mac
  • Leica T-Mac

Product Features

  • Easy lock on using a power lock
  • Housing can be easily attached to a machine or robot
  • Can be used as a calibration tool
  • An interface for high precision tool replacement units
  • Can be used in tough industrial environments
  • Designed for easy maintenance and difficult to damage
  • Automatically connects to a robot with repeat accuracy of 3 µm or less
  • Wide measuring range
  • Checks the measurement status using visual and audio feedback
  • Not easily affected by ambient light

Product Specifications

Model AT960-SR AT960-MR AT960-LR AT960-XR
[Measuring range]
Measuring range (diameter) 10m 20m 40m 50m*
[Allowable angle]
Pitch angle ±45°
Yaw angle ±45°
Roll angle 360°(limitless)
[Measuring accuracy**]
Rotational accuracy ±0.01°***
Time stamp accuracy <5μs
Positional accuracy ±15μm + 6μm/m
[Measuring and tracking performance]
Measuring output rate 1,000点/秒
Tracking speed (all directions) >1m/sec.
Acceleration (all directions) 1g
Weight 1480g

* Measurement range within guaranteed accuracy. Standard measurement range is 60 meters in diameter.
** Measuring accuracy are maximum permissible errors (MPE). Standard measuring accuracy is half the MPE.
*** Standard measuring accuracy.

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